Explorer Camps

Ages 9-13

Explorer Camps

For Ages 9-13

Explorers will discover creativity, sportsmanship, and individuality while learning in a fun and friendly environment!

Explorer campers are grouped by co-ed by grade level. Explorer campers participate in each of the following activities daily.

Explorer Camp Photos


Porpoises in Pool


Porpoises on pool-3 girls in a poolFuture Stars daily swim program provides individual attention for the non-swimmer as well as the advanced swimmer. In a caring and safe environment, Future Stars campers progress from the Guppy to the Shark level while mastering water adjustment skills, rotary breathing, arm movements and stroke refinement. Complete water safety is our goal as campers receive praise and confidence, as well as certificates and ribbons. Voyagers who complete Level IV (Sharks) are put to the test weekly with the Future Stars Swim Challenge and lifesaving instruction. Throughout the summer, campers develop at their own pace while our certified instructors emphasize the American Red Cross Standards.

Science Exploration Explorer Campers going thru an experiment

Inquisitive explorers journey into the depths of the unknown to investigate the mysteries of the universe! Campers morph into scientists and engineers as they put on their lab coats and conduct exciting science projects. Campers explore, design, discover, and invent machines, rockets, cyborgs, space, aviation, construct enormous earth projects and much more. Campers discover the world around them, journey to the center of the earth, and trek at warp speed to the stars.


Fine Arts and Crafts Campers in Crafts and Arts secession with their creations in Background

Imaginations explode in a myriad of colors and designs. Through acrylics, watercolors, and pastels campers illustrate their creativity and imagination. Get hands-on experience in sculpting, 3-D art, tie-dye shirts, wood models and much more. Some projects include: 3-D dinosaurs, dragon kites, your own coat of arms, and stage props for the Future Stars extravaganza. The creative possibilities are endless!




Stage, Screen, and Show Biz Explorer Campers doing a stage performance

Future Stars Studios gives campers the "lights, camera, and action" they need to run the show and take center stage. Explorer campers direct, film, and produce their own movie, as well as design costumes and sets for Future Stars Productions. Explorers "Come on down" as they play "The Price is Right," barter for bucks in "Let's Make a Deal," and ask all the right questions in "Jeopardy." Campers jump, jive, and wail at the Future Stars Dance Party, sing and swing with Karaoke, and become masters of magic and illusion at the Future Stars Carnival.

Sport, Fitness, and Fun

Campers navigate through the wilderness with Orienteering, find out where the fun is during the Scavenger Hunts, and go for the gold in the Future Stars Relays. Campers carry the colors of champions when they compete in the Greek Olympics, Color Days, Intramural Competitions, and the Superstars Showdown. Explorers focus on individual growth, sportsmanship, and fun in all sports and games such as basketball, floor hockey, soccer, and volleyball, just to name few.

Computer Exploration

Explorer Campers in computers secession

Explorer campers design and create a virtual universe! They experiment with new programs, write and publish the camp newsletter, and say "hello" to family and friends through e-mail. Campers learn to safely surf the net, design stationery and cards, play the newest computer games, and more. Explorers will discover creativity, sportsmanship, and individuality while learning in a fun and friendly environment!